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Sparco Delta RW-6 Nomex Pants

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Sparco Delta RW-6 Nomex Pants

Sparco Delta RW-6 Nomex Pants

The all-new Sparco Delta RW-6 nomex underwear line is designed to provide both comfort and protection. The Delta RW-6 is made from a unique mixture of very comfortable soft fibers. The Delta RW-6 features woven mesh into key areas to enhance breathability. The Delta RW-6 nomex shirts are made with seamless sides with raqlan sleeves to enhance comfort.

The Sparco Delta RW-6 nomex shirts and nomex pants are designed to fit close to the body due to the soft stretchable fabric. If you prefer a loose fit please choose one size up.

The Sparco Delta RW-6 line-up includes long-sleeved nomex shirts, nomex pants, a nomex balaclava with either a single opening or a split-eye opening, and nomex socks (both short and long).


  • FIA 8856-2000 approved
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Seamless
  • Woven mesh in key areas
  • Available in white only