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Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints

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Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints

Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints are the new Frontal Head Restraint device from Schroth. Built for superior safety, comfort, and implementation.

Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraint Features:

  • Simple Sizing. Choose from Medium (up to 15 ½” neck) or Large. Drivers who want more space for their collarbone can opt for the Large size.
  • Angle Independent: Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints have a small, low collar which is suited for all seating angles without interfering with the seatback. In the event of an impact, the articulating collar rises to support the ideal tether angle - great for drivers who have multiple cars.
  • Load-controlling “bump stop” - Use the device that gives you a proper collar angle. The Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints legs are attached to the collar itself, along with a unique “bump stop” which smooths out the initial tether loading.
  • Floating tether - Stay in place while enjoying a wide range of left-to-right head motion plus some side stability.
  • Flexible legs - There’s no need for pads here with the legs of the device have padded molded right in. The belts can then fit snug to the body, keeping Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints from moving beneath the belts.
  • Retention Ears - Extended vertical ears on the outside edge help secure your belts to the FLEX even in the event of a secondary impact.
  • Slip-Stop: Pair Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints with SCHROTH Slip-Stop shoulder belts for high-impact rally and offroad uses. The shoulder belts have a counter groove on the backside of the belt, matching with the grooves on the top and lower legs of the FLEX.
  • Includes FLEX helmet posts that mount directly to the M6 nut in your helmet.