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Schroth B24 Bolt-In Bracket

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SR B24.15.13 NC
Schroth B24 Bolt-In Bracket

The B24 is the most economical bolt-in bracket offered. It is a heavy-duty steel bracket that cannot be bent to aid installation. Dimensions are 5mm thick, 69 x 46mm with a 13mm (1/2") bolt hole. There is a slight 10° bend so that this bracket can be bolted directly to a flat surface and leave room for webbing wrapped into it. It can be sewn in or wrapped with an LV4 (recommended), LV10 or LV11. FIA and SFI 16.1/16.5 approved. Cannot be used for a Lap Belt bolt-in bracket under SFI 16.5.  Three-inch webbing must be folded at the edges for use with this bracket.