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Safecraft Restraint Systems 6 Point Racing Harness

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Safecraft Restraint Systems 6 Point Racing Harness

Safecraft Restraint Systems 6 Point Racing Harness

Safecraft Restraints are without a doubt the most easily adjustable and secure racing harnesses on the market. The first time you race with a set of Safecraft harnesses will be the last time you'll ever use anything else.

The adjusters are buttery smooth and far easier to adjust than any other set of racing harnesses we've tried; and when you're in this business, you try them all. The mechanical components are of such high quality you won't believe they haven't been "precision-engineered" in Italy or Germany. We're happy to tell you Safecraft Restraints are Made in America - Chicago in fact - by none other than Grand-Am and Tudor United Sports Car Championship driver Charles Espenlaub.

Safecraft's harnesses are available with either an SFI or FIA rating. SFI rated harnesses are good for two years but Safecraft will re-web your harnesses once for free, extending their life to four years. FIA harnesses are of course good for 5 years.


  • Your choice of SFI or FIA certification (+$50 for FIA certification)
  • Your choice of snap hook or bolt-in mounting for sub and lap belts
    • Shoulder belts include wrap-around hardware to mount to a harness bar behind the driver
  • Head and neck restraint compatible 3"/2" shoulder belts
  • Less bulky and more comfortable 2" lap belts with pull-down adjusters
    • 2" belts are designed to cinch down lower on your hip bone.
  • Foam pulls at the ends of the belts make adjusting belts easy, even while wearing nomex racing gloves
  • Bungee tabs on the shoulder belts to hold them out of the way when not in use
  • Available in red or black

Note: Safecraft harnesses have a special anti-sub tang design integrated with the camlock. This tang must be properly positioned relative to the driver's legs. Because of this, we do not recommend Safecraft harnesses for multi-driver endurance racing if the drivers differ dramatically in size. For teams with similarly sized drivers, this is the ideal harness for quick pit stops.