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Race Gas (Racing Fuel Concentrate) 105 Octane

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RACE GAS (Racing Fuel Concentrate)

RACE GAS Racing Fuel Concentrate

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RACE GAS is real, distilled racing fuel in concentrate form. RACE GAS blended with ordinary pump gas transforms it into real, high octane, high energy, track-grade racing fuel. Not only is it much more convenient than running around trying to find racing fuel (and never knowing how old it is), RACE GAS will save you money as well. Using 91 octane pump gas + RACE GAS, you can make (for example) 100 octane racing fuel for about $6.50/gal vs. tradition racing fuel at $8 to $15/gal! We never leave for the track without a few cans of RACE GAS, knowing we can blend to precisely the octane requirements for each race car no matter where we are. And we don't have to make room for 15 fuel jugs.


RACE GAS wasn't created by some gigantic oil company, or an additive company trading on its name. It was created by gear heads and weekend racers just like you (and us) looking for a better way to put racing fuel in their race cars.

At Competition Motorsport, we know the importance of high-quality racing fuel: we use it in our race cars. At the track, back-to-back, we found pump gas + RACE GAS to perform as well as or better than Sunoco 260GT (100 octane). Acceleration, throttle response, EGT, timing advance and -- most telling -- lap times were all the same! We've also found that RACE GAS + pump gas improves on-track performance of street cars (naturally aspirated and turbocharged) in track-day use. Real lap time improvement, not seat-of-the-pants. We were hooked!


What many people don't know is that a "point" of octane is 1/10 of an octane number. Auto-store octane boosters, at most, add a few points of octane. For example, if an octane booster says it raises octane by 9 points, that means blended with 87 octane fuel the final octane will be 87.9, not 96. They can't raise the octane of pump gas to anywhere near that of racing fuel; RACE GAS does.

Second, octane is not the only way traditional racing fuel differs from pump gas. Distilled racing fuel has much higher chemical energy which, when ignited, creates higher cylinder pressure and more power. RACE GAS contains the same high-quality fuel aromatics that impart this high chemical energy to racing fuel. These are nowhere to be found in octane "boost" products.


Unlike auto-store octane additives, RACE GAS was rigorously tested in both the laboratory, using ASTM D 2699 and 2700 tests, and on an engine dynamometer using real-world racing engines. The result: RACE GAS is the real thing. Once you try it, you'll be hooked, too.