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OMP HTE-R Racing Seat (Reg or XL)

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OMP Racing Seats HTE-R - Reg or XL

2017 Seats (Valid through 2022)

The OMP Racing Seats HTE-R line is used in pro and amateur racing series all around the world because drivers prefer its protective, halo-style design constructed with a lightweight, gel-coated fiberglass shell. Airtex material on the upholstered surface allows for a high level of breathability in even high-temperature conditions. The OMP Racing Seats HTE-R have removable base and back cushions with a ergonomic, split-leg bottom cushion. Use the OMP Racing Seats HTE-R with any compatible HANS device and harness without issues in fitment and comfort. High side-bolsters provide excellent lateral leg support and the seats are side-mount (W fixing). Choose from either the HTE-R or the slightly larger HTE-R XL.