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Longacre AccuTech DLi Stepper Data Logging Tach

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Longacre AccuTech DLi Stepper Data Logging Tach

Stepper Motor DLi Data Logging Tach

Data Logging 'Stepper Motor' Tachs: The next generation in instrumentation

What Is It?

This tach is a huge step beyond basic memory tachs that simply record your highest RPM.  The Longacre DLi tach samples and records RPM 10 times/second, all the way around the track, to be played back for you in the pits.  See all the highs, lows, and everything in between for multiple laps, even the entire race if you want.

You can see what the RPM was at any point on the track - the middle of a corner, halfway down the back straight, etc.  See if you lost traction (RPM spikes slightly) or if the motor was falling off at high RPM (rate of climb slows).  And when you just need a traditional Memory Tach, it does that too. The Stepper Motor design gives you precision, accuracy, and reliable performance week after week. This Data Logging Tach is like a movie rather than just a snapshot rendered by a traditional Memory Tach.

Add a custom anodized aluminum black mounting panel with crisp, clean graphics (see options above).


  • Records RPM all around the track for replay in the pits.

  • Records & stores up to a full hour, in multiple sessions.

  • Easy playback at real time speed, 1/3 speed (to spot rapid changes in RPM), or double speed (to watch a full lap quickly).

  • You can even pause and back up to see something over again.

  • In replay mode the digital timer lets you track when & where the RPM was recorded on the track.

  • Compact and lightweight.

  • Numbers are LED back lighted & the pointer is illuminated.

  • Digital display shows max RPM.

  • Will work on most non-magneto ignition systems 4-, 6-, or 8-cylinder.

  • Easy to use and recall.

  • Tach does a "presentation" self test at turn-on, going through a full pointer sweep and turning on all LEDs.

Additional Handy Functions

  • A two-stage High RPM warning light helps prevent over-reving your expensive motor.  Set one just above normal max RPM, the second at the redline.  Can also be used as a two-stage shift light.

  • Six LEDs on the left side can be set to indicate pit road speed limit.  Set at the RPM you want.  The first one comes on 500 RPM lower, the second at 400 RPM lower, etc. - until all six are on.  This gives you more of a warning than just one or two set points.  This can also be used as a sequential shift light.