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Coolshirt Six-Person Complete Pit Crew Cooling Station

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Coolshirt Six-Person Complete Pit Crew Cooling Station

The Coolshirt Pit Crew Cooling Station is a system is built around a 100-quart heavy-duty cooler to ensure that you and your crew stay cooler for a longer period of time.  The cooler incorporates a water port panel that allows for up to six connections and features a dual pump system for enhanced efficiency.  Each connection uses Coolshirt's dry-break safety-pull release system, so the water lines will pull loose when 21 pounds of force is applied. This is a great safety feature in the event that someone forgets to disconnect from the system in the bustle of a busy pit or garage.

The system also includes six premium fire retardant, moisture-wicking short sleeve cooling shirts (choose from sizes S to 3XL) and twelve 12′ safety pull hoses.  The Pit Crew Station is built rugged enough to operate in the harsh environment of pit road. A cool pit crew is a safe and efficient one!