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Coolshirt MobileCool Portable Bag Cooler

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Coolshirt MobileCool Portable Bag System

Developed for use in all types of racing, the Coolshirt MobileCool Portable Bag Cooler provides a driver with a full cooling alternative for race cars that have limited space or no place to mount a standard hard cooler.

The MobileCool is especially convenient for road racers and track-day enthusiasts with more than one car; it's easily moved from car to car as needed. Drag racers are discovering it's versatility (the MobileCool is the basis of the Drag Pack System), and it has also become very popular with driving-school instructors as it can be powered by a cigarette lighter adapter and easily moved. 

The cooler comes in two capacities, 6-quart and 12-quart, and can be powered by the car's 12V system or an optional rechargeable 7.4V lithium battery for true portability.  It provides the same superior cooling as Coolshirt's legendary fixed-cooler systems. It keeps drivers cool and mentally alert right through their final laps, when heat fatigue and dehydration are at their worst.